Locs Trend Report 2014


Locs are ringing in the New Year in a big way! We talked with Nadra Smiley and Shanda Wright of Amazon Natural Essentials in Chicago about what’s hot for the new year. Cuts, color, and other trends are taking center stage. See what’s hot for 2014…

  1. Asymmetrical bobs. According to Amazon Natural Essentials, asymmetrical cuts are hot right now. Looking for a way to renew your locs after years of lengths? This trend’s a winner.
  2. Bold color. Bright red locs. Pink locs. Green locs. Bold and vibrant color is in. Check out these pink locs here.
  3. Bangs. Loc bangs are also in. Frame your look with eyebrow- or eyelash-length bangs this 2014.258687835_AKVyiv2d_c
  4. Moisture. Dry, dusty locs are so 2013! Use hot oil treatments and regular oilings of the scalp are vital to retaining moisture in your locs.
  5. Wearing locs. The time has never better to try locs as a style. They’re versatile, gaining even more in popularity, even on the corporate scene.  Now more than ever, women and men are embracing locs as their natural alternative. If you’re on the fence, come over to the loc side this 2014!

Happy New Year!

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

2 thoughts on “Locs Trend Report 2014

  1. the bold color thing is interesting. of course i want to dye mine but I’m afraid the bold color gives off the impression that I am not concerned with being taken seriously.

  2. I’m thinking about trying color, but after having an experience with color (when I was relaxed), I’ve sworn off it, so for this year, it’s about health: beautiful, healthy locs that don’t look dusty (and when mine get dry, they look it). My sister even started her locs back in March, after 3 years of being natural/relaxer free!

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