Loc’d and loving it



Locs are a way of life—a natural way of life—for many.

Just ask anyone who wears locs. We would not have it any other way.

Would a style so versatile fit with curls? Yes. Would a style so versatile fit wrapped up neatly in a bun? Yes. Straight and long or just starting out, no style looks as regal as noble locs.

Imagine those days of yesteryear. Bimonthly relaxer touchups. The chemical burn. Not being able to scratch your scalp before a touchup. The breakage. Hair not being able to grow. Blowdrying your hair. Bumping it with a curling iron. A perpetual cycle that was repeated over and over again, just by chasing the myth of super straight hair.

With locs, you are free.

Watch the evolution as your hair really grows. Maintenance is relatively easy. You delight in seeing starter locs. Then your hair takes on a personality of its own as it grows past your neck, shoulders and down your back. You don’t need to do texturize it everyday to chase an ideal.

Remember this ode to locs the next time you feel a little lazy with your locs by not tying a scarf on at night. Or when you need to oil your scalp and your locs. You had it much harder than this before.

Now love those locs.

gail1‘Til next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

4 thoughts on “Loc’d and loving it

  1. I love my locs! Just starting out …. but they are teaching me the value of persistence and they are a metaphor for my creative side. Late last year I was asked if my locs have significance and I had a long conversation explaining what they mean to me. I went back to my desk and my pen flowed. Please read this poem and tell me if you relate to it: my locs are my Declaration of Freedom!


  2. So true. I am loc’d and very much loving it! I have said to friends “I wish I had known some time ago how freeing locs are”. I can’t imagine ever going back to the “creamy crack” and I didn’t start locing until I was fifty on the avice of a fantastic beautician (who doesn’t deal in natural hair styles) who noticed that my hair was thinning after menopause and years of chemical abuse. This beautician suggested press and curl initially but that didn’t work. Next, I tried a hair braider who, of course, was incorporating synthetic hair when braiding. I thought I looked fantastic! However, when transitioning from straight to natural and taking down micro braids, I would have tons of hair loss. After doing much research and questioning other women who wore locs, I decided to go for it. It’s been almost five years now of being loc’d and loving it, loving it, loving it! Keep your e-magazine coming. Can’t wait for the next hard copy. I’m loving it also!

  3. I just happened upon this e-zine after looking up a way to deep condition my locs after experiencing breakage (I only had it at the root after year 2, and had it in both the root and the ends after this past winter). After 3.5 years, I thought I knew it all, but by reading the posts on here, I didn’t! I look forward to coming here often, and awaiting my 4 year anniversary in July!

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