Loc Q&A : Thinning locs

iStock_000023235882smallDear Loc’d Life,

In April, I will celebrate my 2 year loc anniversary! I am so excited. For the most part, my locs are doing well. However, in the last couple of months, I have noticed some thinning in the back. One of my locs was so thin at the root that I cut it off (perhaps this was a mistake). The front and sides of my hair are fine. The back of my head has always been thin compared to the front and middle. I believe that my thinning is due to my natural hair texture and constantly rodding my locs.

I have never dyed or did a lot of updos or ponytails. My loctictian has combined several locs in the back to strengthen the roots. I need advice on how to proceed until my back strengthens.

Any suggestions? Should I add extensions to strengthen the root, cut off the weak locs and start again, or do nothing and just wait for my hair to strengthen? Thanks in advance!

Thinning locs are an issue everyone faces at some point. This can result from overstress —yes rodding, especially at the root does weaken and thin locs at the roots—starting them too thin at the beginning, or the weak spots that develop from dryness and friction—not tying locs up at night or by rubbing up against hostile scarves or collars. I know from time to time, the nape of my neck suffers from breakage for this reason alone.

You’ve already done what can be done: going to a loctician. He or she has already combined locs to strengthen them. Your loctician may also opt to wrap extension hair around the roots to thicken them.

Give your locs a rest. Stay away from rodding. Stay away from too frequent retightening sessions. Stay away from too-tight hairstyles, such as ponytails and other styles. Let them rest. Should you need to curl your locs, another safer way of getting curly locs is to braid them while wet. Part your locs into sections and braid them when wet. Once absolutely dry, unbraid them and you have a head full of curls. Watch out from doing even this too often as it can add stress to already thinning locs.

You can also get proactive and use regular conditioning treatments that strengthen.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask, Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, or other deep conditioners will work wonders for your locs. Hot oil treatments also work. Using thickening oils such as Jamaican Black castor oil can also help. Black castor oil helps thicken hair edges, so it will stimulate growth at the root. It’s also important to oil your scalp, as your locs’ health starts at the roots.

Happy loc anniversary! Keeping your locs healthy will guarantee great anniversaries to come.

gail1 ‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

2 thoughts on “Loc Q&A : Thinning locs

  1. Thanks for the tip! The young lady in the photo is my Loctician, she is the best! Her name is Ichechi and she is the proud owner of Hair is Art Salon in Sunrise, Florida. Beautiful person.


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