Ledisi and locs grace May Essence Cover


essence-228x300While shopping this week at the local drugstore, I was pleasantly surprised by the latest issue of Essence magazine.

I saw locs on the cover!

It was a beautiful photo of Ledisi on the cover. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first time that locs are on the cover of a major magazine, and a first for Essence. Kudos to Essence for realizing the beauty of locs this May.

In the article, “Loc’d Up & Free”, Ledisi shares, “Locs are still not as accepted as other styles, and that needs to change. If natural hair is a movement, can we move it all the way over to those with locs too? Some of us have to hide our locs at work by pinning them up in a certain way, or wearing a ponytail, and that’s kind of boring. We can’t really wear our hair free like those with curly hair because they look at us like we’re crazy. But we like our locs free too.”

We couldn’t agree more. That ‘s why Loc’d Life Magazine was founded five years ago: To celebrate locs and to let the world know that locs are a beautiful — and not dreaded—way to wear your hair.

swazi adEach week, we discuss how to care for your locs, how to celebrate your locs, and how others are celebrating them, too! I watch for more media images. I look for more reasons for the pride I, myself, feel to wear my locs everyday.

Ledisi-Essence-2014-1I always have said when others ask me about my locs, “I wish that I had worn them sooner.” I waited so long to wear them. And now that I do, my only regret is that others who are on the fence about wearing locs still have to worry about how they will be viewed, how they will be accepted at work—by their friends, family, and their significant others.

Yes, lately, locs have exploded as a style. More athletes and media figures than ever before are wearing their locs on the field, on the screen, and on the streets. Yet there are the dreaded stereotypes that still linger on. As Essence Magazine and other entities are realizing (see “The Golden Age of Locs”), locs are very much a part of the natural hair movement, and its high time locs take the spotlight as well.

licenseboxThe Ledisi cover is one of three covers that celebrate natural hair. Erykah Badu and Solange Knowles are the other two naturalistas that share the Essence cover in May.

Let’s continue to celebrate our locs—freely.

Gail Mitchell, Editor Loc'd Life Magazine‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

3 thoughts on “Ledisi and locs grace May Essence Cover

  1. I feel the same way when it comes to stereotypes about locs. I work in the medical field and surprisingly that natural hair is frowned upon by own coworkers. I would have thought that now that my hair would be accepted, but no. I have coworkers that want to go natural, but is actually scared to transition into the most beautiful moment in life. I love my journey.

  2. I was proud when I saw the issue with Ledisi on the cover. I had a big smile on my face as I walked away from the mailbox with it in my hand. I love wearing locs and I too wish that I picked them sooner. I’ve had my locs for one year and three months and I feel so free!! I get more compliments now on my hair than I did when it was relaxed. I tell people who are thinking of getting locs to go ahead because I know they will not be disappointed.

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