Argan Oil for locs

Woman with dreadlocksI’ve written about the benefits of argan oil for locs (Top 10 Oils for Locs). Now I’ve stumbled across a great way to incorporate argan oil into your entire regimen.

The products I just found is Pura D’Or Argan Oil line—Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, the argan oil and an entire line of products for various needs.

Premium Organic Shampoo Hair Loss Prevention-500px

First the Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo. I’ve written about hair loss in my Ask the Loctician article a few weeks ago, about how hair needs certain nutrients to grow. I get a lot of questions regarding thinning locs and hair loss in general. Perhaps this is a product to help see a change.

The shampoo is a rich blend of oils and nutrients: Tea tree oil, argan oil, black seed oil, amla oil, cedarwood oil, rosemary oil, hibiscus oil, pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, biotin, niacin, aloe vera, and he shou wu, an herb known for longevity and aids in the preservation of hair’s youthful appearance by slowing graying. All of these ingredients, plus the absence of sulfates, combine into a powerful elixir for hair needing restoration. This is the blue label formulation. The gold label formulation contains another mix of ingredients.

It is pricey—about $37 for the blue label and $39 for the gold label. But the argan oil and the natural ingredients listed are certified organic.

Argan oil USDA 1 fl ozThe line also includes pure organic argan oil in a spray bottle—perfect for just after shampooing and between shampoos for moisture. There is also a scalp and dandruff treatment shampoo. The line also includes argan oil products for skin care.

If you’re struggling with hair loss and moisture for your locs, perhaps this is a solution for you! This may also be a great preventative and restorative regimen. Again check with a dermatologist for a specific analysis for your hair loss problems.

Gail Mitchell, Editor Loc'd Life Magazine‘Til next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine





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