Loc styles and more from the AHBAI Proud Lady Beauty Show



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Here I am (standing, right) at the Natural Hair Forum at the AHBAI show. Also standing (at podium) is Amazon Peyton Smiley, who moderated the panel. From left to right: Chris-Tia Donaldson, Twanna Patrick, Frances Simmons, and Chatto Wright.

First of all Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

If you didn’t get to the AHBAI Proud Lady Beauty Show, you missed out on an informative time near Chicago! I took part in a panel discussion on Natural Hair Care last Sunday, hosted by Amazon Smiley of Amazon Natural Essentials. Also on the panel was Chris-Tia Donaldson of Thank God It’s Natural Hair Products, Tywanna Patrick of Nu B-ginNs Holistic Hair Center in Chicago, Frances Simmons, Wrap Braid Author, Instructor, and the creator of educational workshops for parents and youth, and Chatto Wright, owner of Chatto’s Salon and the Chatto line of Skin and Hair Care.

The audience asked many insightful questions, such as what natural oils are best to use on natural hair, hair steamers (good for locs, as they help products to penetrate hair and scalp), defining good natural hair products and ingredients, and how to fight humidity. Perhaps the most thought-provoking question asked was this: Is there a situation where natural hair is not suited for someone? You know my answer—an emphatic no! And that is the case for locs as well.

My answer: Some are fearful that natural hair may negatively impact their image, such as in their careers or in their relationships. Some resort to wigs to cover up their natural hair and their locs. I am reminded that in a culture where we have been told for hundred of years that our hair in our natural state is unacceptable, that this is our God-given hair. How could it not be suitable?

I am also reminded of a friend of mine, Akua Auset, who said that she was an adult before she saw her own natural hair texture for the first time. I am thankful that we are finally realizing the beauty of our own natural tresses.

You could also see the trend towards natural hair in the show’s vendors. Companies such as Avlon, Luster Products, and others have embraced the natural movement with products for transitioning, curl definition and support for the various ways we wear our hair naturally.

I also stopped by the StylistOnline.com booth, where they did loc repairs and sold instructional DVDs on loc maintenance, repairs, styling, and starting. I met Ms. Reeta there from All Naturale’ Beauty, a Loc’d Life Magazine reader! JustinKase, another reader, was also there, highlighting his Styling Puddy from his line of products.

I also stopped by the Sophisticate’s Black Hair booth, where I saw publisher Jim Spurlock, publishing director Bonnie Kreuger, editor Jocelyn Amador, and Linda Rolle, administrative associate. I was an art director there a few years ago!

Also, a few of you out there tried to buy the Naked Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner, and you were asked for a stylist license number. I found another distributor that does not require that information: Ensley Beauty Supply at www.ensleybeautysupply.com.

Gail Mitchell, Editor Loc'd Life Magazine‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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