“Mommy, Daddy, I want locs!”


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How would you respond?

Each week, I write about the joys, trials, and tribulations about having locs. Let’s face it: until recently, wearing locs has been hard. Adults have had to navigate their world all the way, from the family room to the boardroom. Peering questions from family members, such as, “Is that permanent?” to “When are you going to fix your hair?” abound. Some have had to wear wigs to cover up their locs in the corporate world and in Hollywood. Today, we still have our moments where we struggle for acceptance.

For kids, having locs has also been a struggle. In 2010, two students in Mississippi were banned from their school’s homecoming for having locs. In Minnesota, a 12-year-old boy was suspended for refusing to cut his locs. In 2004, a Trinidadian 12-year-old girl was transferred from her school for having locs.

So…back to the original question: How would you respond if your child asked to get locs? Would it be yes or no?

 Here are some tips:

1)    Talk about it. Sit down with your child and discuss what locs are, how they are maintained, and instill positive images about natural hair.

2)    Think about it. Getting locs is a big step and a transformation. Also discuss that locs are somewhat permanent. If your child wants a change later on, he or she will either have to cut them off or go through the arduous process of detangling each loc.

3)    Get a consultation. Bring your loctician into the process and add his or her expertise in the decision-making. You’ll also get the best advice on how to start them depending on their hair type: locstitch, palm-rolling, braids, or two-strand twists.

4)    Keep them maintained. Locs can be high-maintenance. Keep them neat with regular grooming of the new-growth. Kids play hard, so keep your child’s active lifestyle in mind. See last week’s post for sports activities like swimming.

5)    Locs are a journey. As your child grows, so will their locs. Help them mature along with the process, while always affirming your child’s individualism and beauty.

Loc’d Life believes that locs are as individual as the person who wears them. That goes for kids, too! And as adults are free to express themselves with their style, our children need our guidance and love to express themselves beautifully—both inside and out.

Gail Mitchell, Editor Loc'd Life Magazine‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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