The Loc Bun Redux


Photos by Walter S. Mitchell, III

As I walked around on one of the first great weekends of summer, my mid-back length locs felt heavy. I know that there’ll be even hotter days ahead, and I know that I’ll be looking for stylish ways to put my locs up off of my face.

Photo by Walter S. Mitchell, III

Photo by Walter S. Mitchell, III

93D333C5I’ve seen those mesh circles at beauty supply stores, and other places, even at Payless. They come in black, brown, and I’ve seen them in white. For only a $1.00, you, too, can have a stylish bun updo that works for formal occasions, at the office, or for walking around. I wouldn’t use the Velcro-based ones, however, as removing them could do some unnecessary damage. Today, I took the plunge and decided to buy one and write about the art of wearing a bun with one of them. I’ve done this before in an earlier post, and here’s how again:

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    Form a ponytail by placing your locs through the hole in the center of the ring. This could be a high or low ponytail, with high being placed at the crown and low at the base of the neck. Push the mesh ring back to the base of the ponytail to firmly secure it.

  • Once the locs are through the center hole, “flower” the locs by having them sprout through the center and wrap around the top of the mesh, covering it.
  • Beginning at the top of the circle, start twisting the locs over the mesh, covering it, and tucking your locs in (under the mesh) as you go.
  • Continue until the entire mesh is covered and all the locs are neatly tucked in underneath.

That’s it. You have a chic bun that works for those loc days of summer, when you’re screaming “Updo!”

Gail Mitchell, Editor Loc'd Life Magazine‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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