Not a faux pas

If imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, then these celebs gave locs the ultimate compliment. Stars are known for mixing it up when it comes to hairstyles, and faux locs are no exception. When Rihanna recently appeared on American Idol with her loc’d look, we knew that locs have arrived. Here’s a list of some of the best faux looks to hit the red carpet…

She rocked the loc’d look on American Idol last week with an updo that sizzled. Synthetic hair was used to create this look. Her bangs were left relaxed. She wrote that as a teen she wanted to try locs, but mom didn’t agree with the look. Looks like Rihanna ventured out to the loc’d side, afterall!
Erykah Badu
Badu wore the loc’d look when she debuted. (She admitted they were extensions in an article.) This is a great look for thicker locs with color. (See how she accessorized her locs with flowers in this post.)
Jill Scott
Scott rocked the red carpet with this loc’d look. Here, sides are cut into a fade, making the addition of loc extensions not as arduous as applying to the whole head.
This latin rocker also tried a loc’d look on the red carpet. Locs were achieved by parting hair into sections, using a styling product and twisting each section in loose two-strand twists. This can also be tried with relaxed and loose natural hair.
Aissa Måiga
This French actress loves to mix it up when it comes to hairstyles. She’s worn twisted loc styles frequently. However, in this Elle cover, we believe that afro hair was used to form the locs for a more textured look. (See our upcoming printed annual featuring another loc’d look for Maiga.)
Yes, Beyoncé. Twitter fan @mzdondiva paid the ultimate homage to locs online with this photo illustration. (It’s amazing what Photoshop can do!) Loc’d Life thinks Beyoncé would come out on top with this look!

If you’re interested in loc extensions, here’s a few things to know…

They’re not cheap!
Loc extensions are expensive. Locticians must first buy hair, then hand-form each loc. That’s before you even get into the chair. Once you arrive, he or she will need to attach each loc to each parted section. Be prepared for a long process before and during your appointment. And keep your wallet open for unexpected costs!

They still need maintenance.
If done with synthetic hair, it is crucial to keep your own hair and the synthetic hair moisturized, or you’ll have a mess on your hands (and possible breakage).

They are still versatile.
You can do just about everything you could do with real locs. Wash and go, various hair styles—you name it—it’s all OK.

Only you (and the person that saw you yesterday) know its fake.
If done professionally, loc extensions are virtually undetectable. You’ll have to explain your instant length later.

Loc extensions or the real thing?
There’s a debate out there about authenticity when it comes to locs. Are loc extensions cheating, a trend, a viable quick-change, or just plain wrong? Some say locs are a journey that one should embark on, relishing in the natural progression of length. Some can’t wait and want them now. What do you think? Vote here and we’ll let you know in a future post. (Comment too!)

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