Black History Month: Part 4 of 4 Akua Auset

Photo courtesy Akua Auset.

When we last talked with Akua Auset, she was busy making people beautiful—on the outside and well as inside. Today she is still making beauty and showing women how to achieve and maintain it —body, mind and spirit.

Auset is a multi-tasker. She is a celebrity makeup artist and a holistic beauty advisor, who’s worked on the faces of many celebs. She is author of Superwomen & Goddesses: Workin’ Your Power & Magic and The Eight Elements of The Most Beautiful & Magnetic People On The Planet. She is also creator and facilitator of 9 ½ Weeks: The Metamoophose Project™, where men, women and teen girls embark on a journey of transformation in beauty, health, and wellness.

When asked about what she does, Auset says, “I strive everyday to be a goddess, and what that means is someone who inspires life into everything that they touch, so whether that be makeup—which I’m known for—whether it be facilitating a project or a program to assist people with transforming their lives, or whether I’m just hanging out with a group of people, or having a meal, that’s my goal. That’s the intention.”

Her Metamoorphose project has guided 57 men, women and teen girls to inner and outer beauty, which includes the art the breath, holistic skincare, and sexual vitality—so that each week, as the participants come back, they’re building on the previous week’s information. Little by little, the participants transform and evolve their bodies, their mindsets, and their lives.

On locs: Auset says that her inspiration for locs is “freedom”. One day she realized that she never had really seen her natural hair. After years of wearing it relaxed, in braids and then finally locs, she says, “If you’re a woman who’s walking around in bondage to your hair, that energy that translates, and that’s probably not as attractive as someone who is comfortable with themselves. I think that when you are your authentic self, it’s appealing. There’s a comfort and a flow from just being yourself.”

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