Loc style gallery

Looking for a style for that special occasion? Look no further. Loc’d Life has 5 styles here for that holiday party around the corner. Check out these festive creations….

IMG_3002Woven art<
Locs are woven together in a basketweave pattern at the crown and secured in a ponytail with a rubberband. (Take a section of locs at a time and wrap from one side to another. Do the same on the opposite side. That is the secret to the basketweave pattern.)

Locks BunFlat-twisted bun>
Locs are parted into sections and flat twisted towards the crown. Twists are secured with a small rubberband. The length is coiled into a bun and secured with a bobby pin. Repeat until all of the sections are coiled together into one group of coils at the back.

Long locs bun hairstyle

<Sideswept bun
Locs are flat twisted to the side and secured with rubberbands. The length is braided into a fishtail pattern at the nape and side.

Long locs updo hairstyleUpswept royalty>
Locs are made into a high ponytail at the crown. The length is twisted and secured with bobby pins on one side, covering the initial ponytail.

IMG_6965<Pin-curl bun
Locs are parted into two sections at the crown. The front half is sideswept into on curl and secured with pins. The back half is secured into a ponytail, with the length pinned into a circular bun.

Have fun with these styles!

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More locs in the media

Locs are becoming more mainstream everyday, and images in advertisements only help make them so. Here’s a few of the memorable ads I’ve seen out there…


Weight Watchers Online
This banner ad features a woman who wears locs who lost 100 pounds. What beauty and she wears locs so well.

amtrak_locsTwo professionals talking on the train equals an image boost for locs. Amtrak deserves kudos for this classic ad.

Christian Dior Fragrances
This ad heats up the fragrance market with a sexy image for locs. You can feel the heat with this ad!


Twists and Locs Hair products
This fascinating image has a woman transitioning from braids to locs. Let the transformation begin.

This ad features gray locs in a positive light.screen-shot-2011-10-09-at-2-20-13-pm

We need more of these images in the media so that those who wear locs face less opposition at work and out in the world in general. These images show our diversity, our uniqueness, and our beauty.

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Loc product discovery


Courtesy Spia Appeal & Beauty

A new reader gave me this tip for moisture. It’s one word: Ojon.

I’ve seen other bloggers talk about this restorative treatment. Little did I know I was in for an exotic treat for my locs.


The Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment is a jar of magic. The dense mix of Ojon oil, and other essential oils in a solid emulsifies in your hands once scooped up and then applied to your locs. I applied it root to tip on dry, long locs. It took a long time. (The next time I use it I will try it on towel-dried locs. My locs were freshly shampooed and dry.) The results: softer locs, a lubricated scalp, and an overall sense of moisture. The scent is exotic and complex—a nutty, woodsy scent.

The Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment is the heart of the Ojon line. The line also has shampoos and conditioners for various textures of hair. All revolve around Ojon oil as its main ingredient. It is pricey: a large 3-ounce jar costs $33.00. But for the moisture benefit, it’s worth it. Oils just sit on top of my hair. Water-based products add moisture initially then dry out. What’s needed is an oil that penetrates to the core of the hair and loc shaft with its moisturizing properties.

You can find Ojon online and at beauty retailers such as Sephora and Ulta3. The treatment also comes in the same formula with a lighter scent.

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Carrots for locs

tumblr_md161rNrfF1rrxe93o1_500Want to know a food that is rich in vitamins and promotes hair growth? Try carrots.

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is not only good for the eyes but are also good for the health of hair. This keeps the hair shiny, well conditioned and resilient. The vitamin A in carrots helps promote general scalp health. Carrots also play a role in sebum production, and a diet rich in carrots can lead to faster hair growth through healthy sebum production.

Carrots are also rich in beta-carotene, which gives your hair radiant shine and color, restoring and strengthening the structure of hair follicles. It is also a good source of vitamin C, which helps in increasing blood flow to the scalp, aiding in hair growth. All you need to do: start your day with a glass of carrot juice. It’s healthy and tastes good, too!

Other beauty nutrients from carrots include:

  • potassium which helps reduce skin dryness and reduces scars and blemishes.
  • essential oils that help prevent acne by detoxifying your body.
  • nutrients that it can reduce skin related problems like eczema, which is caused by deficiency of vitamin A, dermatitis and rashes.
  • beta-carotenoids which help reduce sunburn and also increase the skin’s resistance towards sun damage, reduces cell degeneration and thus slows down the aging of the body, and improves the amount of collagen in the skin.
  • It also increases nail strength.

Try carrot juice today. The beauty supply store also is full of carrot products for your hair to try.

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
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A new loc shampoo and other products

38833e2a5a48f73e958224494bb5c553I was looking around for a castile soap without having to go to the health food store—which was closed at the time.

I was pleased to find this product at Walgreen’s. It is the Ology Lavender Castile Soap. Walgreen’s Ology line of products is described as the first accessible line of products free from harmful chemicals.
The price was right. A 32-ounce bottle was $11.99, compared to $17.99 for the leading brand of castile soap. It was also convenient as many Walgreen’s stores are open 24 hours.


The soap itself was a joy to use. It lathered well, and is filled with olive oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.

I followed up with Loc-A-Fella Moisturizing Conditioner, which did a good job of moisturizing and rinsed very clean.

Then I used a last product the Mizani Butter Rich Conditioning Hairdress on my towel-dried hair. I wrote about this product in last week’s post. I took a little and rubbed it in from root to ends.

As our locs beg for moisture this winter, I will be exploring ways to moisturize them for you, our readers.

Salon owners, please send me your pictures to info@locdlife.com, as I am working on volume 3 of our printed edition. I can also include you in a future post.

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More loc moisture tips

If you’re looking for moisture, look no further than Mizani Butter Rich Deep Nourishing Hairdress.

This nourishing whip of cocoa and shea butters and coconut oil provide the vital moisture that locs need. When I saw “butter” on the label, I was immediately intrigued.

My locs felt really dry lately, due to getting a little lazy with my own nighttime routine. Yes, even I didn’t wrap my hair up at night. When I didn’t, my locs felt like it. I put some on my scalp and worked it down the ends. I stayed at home today, so I wrapped it up and allowed the Mizani to do its thing.

When my locs emerged from my Loc Soc, they were softer. The label says that it can be used on towel-dried or dry hair. Imagine the effects after a fresh shampoo on towel-dried hair. This is essentially a loc butter under the Mizani label.

Mizani has embraced the natural trend and even has a video on loc care and maintenance. They recommend their loc styling gel, Pure Style, and their oil, Supreme Oil.

Here’s the video with an added bonus, a style how-to. Just a new tip to pass on.

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Moisture tips for locs

Hello ladies I thought photo 2020254-1

Now that we’re headed into the dryer winter months, Loc’d Life’s roundup of tips to keep dryness at bay is what you’ll need to get through the cold.

  1. Try a moisture mist. A good moisture mist adds moisture to dry, thirsty locs. Spray lightly, and do not saturate. Spray just enough to add some moisture. One to try: Chatto Aloe Moisture Mist.
  2. Get a good oil. Coconut oil moisturizes like no other oil when it comes to dryness.
  3. Tie your locs up at night. Nothing dries out locs more than the friction between locs and cotton sheets. Get a Loc Soc or silky scarf to cover locs.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Water inside and out is a must.
  5. Eat right. Your locs will tell on you if you are not eating right. Eat plenty of salmon, walnuts, and spinach,  All of these help circulate the oils that keep your locs hydrated. The omega-3 acid in salmon and walnuts is found in sebum, your hair’s natural oils.
  6. Shampoo and condition regularly. Water on your locs and scalp helps moisturize, too.
  7. Do nourishing hot oil treatments. Locs love hot oil treatments because of all the moisture they bring.
  8. If locs are color-treated, really do all of the above. Color dries out locs. It’s essential to keep locs moisturized if they are color-treated.

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Exotic loc styles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s another style gallery full of loc versatility for you. Mohawk locs. Color. Updos. Shine. With the holidays around the corner, these styles are sure to rock the party. Just a pre-holiday card from Loc’d Life.

African princess
Loc jewelry and color is what sets this style apart. A “huetiful” array of metals accentuate the color.

Fifties glamour
Locs can go retro too. This short style is pinned toward the back at the crown for a spiky, yet glamourous look.

Blonde bombshell
Nothing turns heads faster than blonde locs. Get ready for glow time with this simple look.

Pomp and circumstance
A variation of this pompadour style can be achieved by twisting long locs into one flat twist towards the front, wrapping the twist around the front and crown and securing the ends by tucking them into bands around the base and sides. A great style for those  in-between salon visits.

Curly undo
It’s amazing what curls and a few pins can do. This curly scluplted look stands out in the crowd.

Red rose ‘hawk
Hair is twisted into sections towards the center and pinned up into an flower accessory in the front, pinned in the middle, left to hang loose towards the back, with a braid at the nape.

Structured ‘hawk
Locs are flat-twisted towards the center, secured with a rubber band, then rolled backwards and secured, section by section.

Short and versatile
Short locs are twisted upwards and pinned up towards the crown in this stunner.

Loc ‘Hawk
Locs are flat-twisted upwards towards the center in this loc hawk. Small rubberbands hold the resulting style together. Notice the beautiful color variations.

The Library
This style was so nice we had to feature it twice. This can be achieved by flat twisting locs to the side with the front hanging loose and off to the side for drama. aduru salon

By the way, last week’s post forgot to have an active link for Laurence Pommells work. Here it is again and happy shopping. Accessorize these looks with his jewelry! dragonfaiyakreations.com

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Loc artistry

laurencepommellsJewelry artist Laurence Pommells’s Dragon Faiya Kreations are as beautiful and as engaging as locs are.

Loc’d Life talked with the artist behind these and other beautiful creations at dragonfaiyakreations.com. And, yes, he wears locs. For 10 years, Pommells has been designing wire jewelry. When asked what inspires him he says that life does.

“Life inspires my creations,” says Pommells. “I am also a martial artist. My pieces have changed. They have a personality and flair, and each piece asks for them. There’s color… blue stones…deep rich royal blue against white metal…I like to highlight one thing about a person and accentuate every thing going on.”

Pommells also wears locs and has for 7 years. “At first, I didn’t like locs. Then I made the switch to being afrocentric to being Afrikan-Centered, and it became very much a cultural identifier for me.”


Pommells says that locs are as unique as each person who wears them. “Locs look different on everybody. Personally, I’m not a color person. I see bright colors, and they look cool. It’s just not something I would do for myself. Don’t just wear locs because its afrocentric. Some don’t realize the cultural undertaking. At the end of the day, always be you. I wake up everyday, and just pray. Love yourself, and you’ll love everything about you.”


When asked about his regimen, Pommells keeps it simple. “ I rinse my hair with water everyday, and get my hair done every 6 weeks. I wrap my hair up at night. I oil my scalp every two days, with nothing super heavy. You can use lemon to clean hair and beer to clean your hair. I eat a lot of carrots for their b7 and vitamin A [helps protect and produce the oils that sustain your scalp]. I also use Jamaican black castor oil, adding more keratin. I work out in the morning and drink tea and water everyday. I’m fighting hereditary male pattern baldness and stress, and black castor oil restores hair. Diet and eating says a whole lot about you. I enjoy making joy. Jewelry releases that stress.”

Pommells also makes loc ties.

In Chicago, you can see his creations next Saturday at the Chicago Lakeside Festival at the newly-built exit at 87th and Lake Shore Drive from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. go to chicagolakesidefest.com for more information.

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Loc updo gala!

Welcome to a post full of wonderful updos for that special occasion or a quick change. Who said that locs weren’t versatile? Here’s four ways to show just how versatile they are…


Sleek updo
This updo is at home at the office and at that gala reception. A side swept “bang” is wrapped around the crown and tucked under, culminating into a regal look.


Even more regal
Locs are parted on the side and are rolled and tucked under in this retro style. Style by Adell’s Naturals.

Enjoy the updo party! Salons: share your work with Loc’d Life. Send your submissions to info@locdlife.com We can also feature your salon as part of the Loc Salon Tour.

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